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E27 plus More Workshop at Retune Creative Technology Conference

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Last month my friend Simon Schießl and I together gave a workshop under the title »E27 plusmore – The Digitally Enhanced Universal Light Bulb« during the Retune Creative Technology Conference. This post shows related links, additional information and documentation pictures at the end of this entry.

E27 plus More
picture with a resolution of 1920 x 1434px

E27 plusmore is a reverence to the classical Edison screw invented 1909 and used since then as the standard for light bulbs. Let’s take this ubiquitous E-27 screw and make an update to it. In a four hour workshop the participants built a device that enables a light-bulb thread as power source to drive an Arduino microcontroller – a basis setup for media installations in space and many bright applications to come…

E27 plus More

For the participation fee of 19,09 Euro every participant received the ingredients to build their own takeaway E27 plusmore device:

+ E-27 threaded screw
+ Power adapter
+ Arduino Nano
+ Servo motor
+ Various plastic parts

Download the documentation PDF or the drawing for lasercutting the acrylic parts (Martin Bauer’s laser service in Berlin:


Many Thanks to Julian Adenauer for additional pictures taken during the workshop.

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Soxels workshop at Digital_ia Media Arts Festival

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Together with Simon Schießl I got invited to Szczezin, Poland to take part at the Digitalia Media Arts Festival. We took the chance to get the sponsoring for 400 translucent speakers and built a new version of a Soxels wall. During a workshop we gave from January 21 until January 25, twelve students from the Szczezin University of Arts developed different applications and generated animations that are presented in the 13 Muz gallery from January 26 until February 28, 2013.


Here are some impressions from the Workshop, the presentation and the opening of Digitalia Festival.

Soxels Workshop – Project by Bartek Puh from Felix Hardmood Beck on Vimeo.

Soxels Workshop – Project by Ewa Dajer and Ala Dopierala from Felix Hardmood Beck on Vimeo.

Soxels Workshop – Project by Krzysiek Jastrzebski from Felix Hardmood Beck on Vimeo.

Soxels Workshop – Project by Krzysiek Jakubczyk and Maciej Pietruszka from Felix Hardmood Beck on Vimeo.

Soxels Workshop – Hardware Random Noise Generator by Michal Banasik from Felix Hardmood Beck on Vimeo.

Soxels Workshop – Project by Pani Pawlosky from Felix Hardmood Beck on Vimeo.

Soxels Workshop – Project by Zuzanna Buklala and Emilia Brulinska from Felix Hardmood Beck on Vimeo.

Soxels Workshop – Project by Wojciech Morawski from Felix Hardmood Beck on Vimeo.


Sustainable wood for Mategon object

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I just stumbled across the comments under the designboom article about the Mategon object and I want to clarify our position regarding the sustainability question mentioned in those comments:

I think every designer should consider the implications of his or her designs very well and I appreciate this dicussion very much! Besides recycling, the choice of the material, of course, is one of the most important questions.

In our case, the most important question is which kind of wood we use and where it comes from: We tested different kinds of wood for the Mategon: maple, alder, ash, beech and elm tree. Those come from sustainable resources within Germany. We are still considering which wood to use for the production of the Mategon from those mentioned above. So, I think the choice of any of them is legitimate.

For a limited series only, we plan to recycle an old wood beam of Ovangkol wood which we found at a wood turners workshop in Berlin Kreuzberg. It is a family enterprise and this beam has been drying there for over 85 years (the owner of the enterprise guarantees that and I trust him!). So this piece of wood was felled almost a century ago during a time where Ovangkol was regrettably not under protection. To be clear on that point: Ovangkol is a tropical wood and like every normal thinking person of todays time we are a hundred percent against cutting trees in rain forrests. We would never consider to use any protected wood felled nowadays! But in this particular case I consider it to be reprocessing of an already existing material and if this helps to create awareness about deforestation I would be kind of proud about that!!!

I am vey much interested on your feedback about that – shall we go for an awareness design to trigger an even bigger discussion or shall we just go for the sustainable wood choices mentioned above only? I am glad for feedback! If there are any ideas, concerns, critics or questions just contact me or leave comments.

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Lautsprecher Bau “Kleine Prinzessin”

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(Fotos: Meinem Freund Julio beim Bau seiner Little-Princess-Lautsprecher Löthilfe gegeben.)

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Kinetic Display Symposium in Trier

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Kinetische Displays

Organisation by Prof. Daniel Gilgen
Intermedia Design Departement
University of Applied Sciences Trier
Irminenfreihof 8
54290 Trier

Kinetic Displays are three-dimensional physical objects that carry out computer-controlled complex movements, hereby communicating information. This attracts our attention, because inanimate objects very rarely move independently. The progress made in mechatronics and robotics thus promotes new forms of expression in interaction design.

The symposium „Kinetic Displays“, hosted by the Department of Intermedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences Trier, explores the current developments in kinetic displays. The core of the symposium is the open exchange of ideas and experiences, where a wide range of contributors from various fields will be providing unexpected insights.


Dr. Patricia Flanagan, Academy of Visual Arts Hong Kong
Sculpting Daily Interactions: Rethinking Public Art Praxis through Feedback Loops and Haptic Interfaces.

Felix Hardmood Beck, Art+Com Berlin
Get Physical! The Disappearance of the Screen

Sebastian Oschatz, MESO Frankfurt
Aktuelle kinetische Projekte

Dirk Platzek, Wunschfeld Hamburg, New York
Geste und Metapher

Dr. Frank Hegel, Technische Fakultät Universität Bielefeld
Soziale Roboter

Sven Gehring, Innovative Retail Laboratory, DFKI Saarbrücken
Digitale Displays I’m Warenhaus

Bernhard Sill, Clemson University, School of Architecture, USA
Kinetische Tragwerke

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Mategon at International Design Festival DMY 2012

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Felix Groll und Felix Hardmood Beck
Felix Groll (rechts) und Felix Hardmood Beck (links) beim International Design Festival Berlin 2012.

ausspassanderfreud', DMY, Mategon

Mategon Dokumentation

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Felix Groll und Felix Hardmood Beck haben das klassische Mate-Trinkgefäß neu gestaltet. Entstanden ist ein New-Media Accessoire.

Concept visualisation of Mategon with Utah Teapot
Mategon Konzeptskizze

Mate ist ein Aufgussgetränk mit Ursprung in Südamerika. Kleingeschnittene Blätter des Mate-Strauches werden zu Tee (span. Yerba) verarbeitet. Traditionell trinkt man den Tee indem man diesen in einen Flaschenkürbis (Kalebasse) füllt und mit heißem Wasser übergießt. Getrunken wird durch einen metallischen Trinkhalm namens Bombilla.

Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate

Das Objekt Mategon ist ein mate-matisches Gebrauchsobjekt, das die Idee der traditionellen Kalebasse aufgreift und mit modernen Gestaltungs- und Fertigungsverfahren vereint. Daraus hervor geht eine ergonomische Form, in der als Ursprung der Flaschenkürbis abzulesen ist und deren polygonale Strukturen, auf ihren computativen Hintergrund und den Utah-Teapot verweisen.

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Making of »Mategon Exhibition Stand« for DMY 2012

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Illustration of the Mategon-Geek by Laurenz Rau.

As part of a self-commissioned project, Felix Groll and Felix Hardmood Beck re-designed the classic mate vessel. The result is a geek tool – the so called ›Mategon‹. The Mategon will be presented for the first time at the DMY International Design Festival Berlin June 6 – 10, 2012.

This timelapse video shows the making of the »Mategon Exhibition Stand« for DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2012. Special thanks to Laurenz Rau for illustrating the Mategon Geek!

Setup of the Mategon-Geek wall at the DMY2012.

DMY2012 – Mategon Stand

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DMY 2012

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Zusammen mit Freund und Kollege Felix Groll gestaltete ich in den letzten Wochen das Mate-Trinkgefäss »Mategon«. Dieses werden wir beim DMY Berlin International Design Festival 2012 vorstellen. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn es der eine oder andere schafft vorbei zu kommen! Weitere Infos in kürze.

DMY flyer

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1fan = 1 buch

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Eine tolle und absolut unterstützenswerte Aktion: Mit jedem neuen Facebook-Fan des Social-Fashionlabels Armedangels wird ein Schulbuch an Pratham e.V. gesponsort. :-)


Leider ist es noch immer so, dass Schulbücher vor allem in ländlichen Gebieten in Indien große Mangelware sind. Das Social-Fashionlabels Armedangels und Pratham e.V. haben nun ihre zweite gemeinsame Facebook-Kampagne “1Fan = 1 Buch” gestartet: Pro neuem Fan der Facebook-Seite sponsort Armedangels ein Buch an Pratham e.V. und bewegt dort etwas wo die Rohstoffe unsere Kleidung herkommen. Das Social-Fashionlabel Armedangels macht es vor und verschließt nicht länger die Augen vor den Missständen in der Textilindustrie.  Vielen Dank dafür!!!

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